Eat Real Food

We focus on consuming "whole foods" that are minimally processed (if at all).  This means eating food as close to it’s original state as possible, from local sources. This also means eliminating “toxic” or harmful foods - gluten, refined sugars,  foods with antibiotics/hormones added or that have been genetically modified (GMO)  

Move your Body

From taking a walk to experiencing a hard core workout, as humans, we were made to move (fact) and be active...and for our bodies to function as the natural healers they were made to be we must promote blood flow, hormone production and recovery (all caused by movement). Use it or lose it!

Live Adventurously 

Our minds and body require stimulation to function at full potential.  We experience freedom, joy and excitement, but this doesn’t mean we need to jump off a cliff or ride a motorcycle...any new experience or risk taken stimulates our minds, body and soul

Anchor to What Matters

Our culture tells us to "follow our feelings" and seek pleasure/happiness wherever we can.  But, if you spend time reflecting on what matters most to you and anchor to those in making decisions you will focus on things that bring lifelong relevance and greater meaning - these anchors will tend to be more long-lived and can guide us as circumstances, people and motives change around us.

Family Forward 

As humans we thrive when living in community and interaction with others..."family" means what you choose it to mean.  This can be your actual blood, but also extends to friends, those you love and sometimes even co-workers.  Our "family" can drive inspiration, motivation, support and accomplishment together.