Jump Roping

A jump rope costs you $13... if you do not have one yet, drop everything and buy one! We all jumped rope at one point in our lives, not only does this take physical strength but mental strength to keep from whipping yourself real good! 

Jump Rope! I love using a jump rope for all kinds of things, you can easily store it in your suitcase and find a spot to get a fantastic workout! 

Warm Up-Repeat the following 3x

1 minute- High knee run in place with jump rope in both hands and overhead

1 minute- Walking lunge with jump rope overhead

1 minute- Squat Jacks, holding jump rope at chest (squat with legs together and hop out to sumo squat) 

1 minute- Sprint the length of the jump rope forward and backward touching the ground at each handle


100 Jump Rope Single or Double unders

50 Overhead Squats- Hold jump rope overhead, keep shoulders back, chest up and squat low

25 Burpee lateral hop over jump rope = 1 

5 Bear Crawl forward and backward length of rope (down and back=1)