Keepin' It Real :: Paleo Buffalo Wings

A lot of people think about eating clean as a "burden" or something that takes away all the good stuff.  This recipe directly defies that has all the taste of those dirty foods, but is a clean and healthy snack.  Something about football being on TV that causes us to make these...and we generally deliver on the urge.  The interesting thing about them is how simple they are and how few the ingredients are...we have tried making buffalo wings with all kinds of crazy recipes and complicated ingredients, but good old Frank's Red Hot sauce seems to be the one that delivers best (and the ingredients are good to go)...we keep it Paleo by using Coconut oil. Thanks to Dianne "Meme" Morgan for inspiring this recipe!

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Paleo Baconator Chili with Sweet Potatoes

Baaaaaacoooooooon!  All you need to know about this chili is it has bacon...oh, and it's delicious!  Yes, it's paleo, yes it has tons of protein, yes everyone will love it...and yes it has bacon!

Side note: the recipe won second place at the 4th Annual Findaway World Chili Cook Off.  That means it was the best of all the losers, which is a pretty awesome honor.  Enjoy!

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