This Will Only Take A Minute...

It is nice to not have to count your reps all of the time, so just start a little timer on your phone, I have the "Interval Timer" app and it allows me to set up as many rounds as I want with a little transition time in between. 


This Will Only Take a Minute... over and over!

Warm Up

3x through:

  • 30 Seconds Plank Hold
  • 30 Seconds Hollow Body Hold (lie on your back biceps by ears, and rock your body like a boat)
  • 30 Seconds Superman
  • 30 Seconds Elbow Plank
  • 30 Seconds Side Plank with Hip Dips
  • 30 Seconds Other Side Plank with Hip Dips  

5 times through

  • 1 minute Sprint (rowing is always an option instead of sprinting if you have access)
  • 1 minute Box Jump
  • 1 minute Single Arm Snatch with Dumbbell 
  • 1 minute Weighted Squat Thrusts
  • 1 minute Dumbbell Deadlift Hop 
  • 1 minute Thrusters
  • 1 MINUTE REST before you start on the next round