Kitchen Sink WOD

Make sure you allow yourself an hour to complete this workout! There is a little bit of everything in here for you! Have fun and make/encourage someone to workout with you! 

Kitchen Sink WOD-

Warm Up

  • Run 1/2 Mile 

  • Jump Rope 200x every time you hit yourself do 5 push ups (if you do double unders do 100) 

  • Dynamic Stretching: Frankenstein Walks, Walking quad stretch, side shuffle and lean to the front leg and switch directions

5 Rounds of the Following:

30 Squats

25 Lunges

20 Push Ups 

15 Sit Ups (full sit ups hands across chest, hold a weight if that helps) 

10 Pull Ups (assisted is fine too… Keep at it and you will eventually get to unassisted) 

5 Burpees

  • Run 1/2 Mile
  • Jump Rope 200x *Every time you hit yourself do 5 squat jumps*

Core Cool Down, but you will still be working hard and sweating, so not really a cool down!

2x through the following:

30 Superman

25 Bicycle Crunches 

20 Plank hold Bring knee to same elbow R Knee to R Elbow L Knee to L Elbow=1

15 V-Ups

10 Plank Hold and drop down to elbow plank 1 hand at a time (down down up up=1) 

5 Straddle Sit ups (rock Back like your doing a deck squat and as you roll up put your legs into a straddle position and reach forward as far as you can, then roll back down) 


Get After it Y’all