Buttered Almond LA LA Latte

We French Press our coffee every morning and we usually do 8 cups, so this recipe is enough for 2 buttered almond LA LA latte's. If you are making this for one, just half everything! 


Author Beth Anne Lazaro ∙ Prepare 10 mins  ∙ Servings 2-4


  • 8 Cups of  french press coffee
  • 2 TBSP butter (sub coconut for dairy free) 
  • 1 TBSP Raw Local Maple Syrup 
  • 3 TBSP Unsweetened Almond Milk 
  • 3 tsp MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Tryglycerides) 
  • Sprinkle of Cinnamon 


  1. Pour all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until coffee has a frothy look to it
  2. Pour into your super hero mug and become amazing!! 



Why do we use MCT oil? Here are a few benefits, we have experienced first hand from adding this to our diet. 

  • Provides quick & healthy energy

  • It is derived from Coconut oil, but it does not taste or smell like coconut 

  • This is a great healthy fat that will give you energy without the BONK that sometimes happens when we chug coffee trying to stay alert and awake. 
  • The good fats in this oil help to fill you up and sustain your energy throughout a workout.